Application And Plans
Application Form Without Personal Details 03-09-18 Application Form - Without Personal Data
Proposed Plans 03-09-18 Drw No 3338-TD-DRU-XX-DWG-C1-0003 (Junction)
Site Location 03-09-18 Drw No 3338-TD-COW-XX-DRG-AR-0001-P0
Block Plan 03-09-18 Drw No 3338-TD-COW-XX-DRG-AR-0002-P0

Parish Comments 24-09-18 OWPC16469 Carol Mackenzie, Clerk to Cowbit Parish Council
Ward Member Comments 26-09-18 OWPC16515 Cllr A R Woolf, 31 Ashby Gardens
Archaeological Consultation Response 18-09-18
Archaeological Consultation Response 30-10-18
Environment Agency 21-09-18
Internal Drainage Board 02-10-18
Internal Drainage Board 12-10-18
Non Standard 10-12-18 English Regional Transport Association (ERTA)
Police 12-09-18
Press Notice 27-09-18 27 September 2018
Standard 31-10-18 Lincolnshire Trust
Standard Consultee Comments 10-09-18 OWPC16243 Glen Chapman, Environmental Services
Standard Consultee Comments 18-09-18 OWPC16374 Sue Armour, Environmental Protection Officer
Standard Consultee Comments 20-09-18 OWPC16446 Angela Doherty, Housing Strategy
Standard Consultee Comments 07-12-18 OWPC17422 Simon Barber, Flat 20, Fitzherbert House
SuDS Consultation 11-10-18
NHS 17-09-18

There are no documents for this section

There are no documents for this section

Background Papers
Design and Access Statement 03-09-18
Flood Risk Assessment 03-09-18
Supporting Information 05-09-18 Drainage Strategy Document
Archaeological Report 24-10-18 APS Report No. 62/18
Archaeological Report 04-12-18 APS Report No. 62/18

Superseded Docs
Superseded Plans 24-10-18 Draft Archaeological Report